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SecureCrypt Introduces New Security Features for Enhanced Data Protection

Updated: 5 days ago

We're excited to announce the latest update to SecureCrypt, bringing new features designed to elevate your security and privacy experience. As a leading solution in secure voice and data communications, SecureCrypt has been providing clients with state-of-the-art encryption technology since 2018. Our commitment to security continues with this latest update, adding advanced features to keep your data safe. Here's what to expect in our latest update:

Brute Force Protection

SecureCrypt's new Brute Force Protection feature ensures that unauthorized access attempts are detected and prevented. With this update, when Brute Force Protection is enabled from the app's Account Settings, an internet connection is required to open SecureCrypt. This enhancement helps safeguard your data by preventing offline brute force attacks, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Developer Mode Restriction

SecureCrypt is all about security, which is why the new update prevents the app from operating if your device is in Developer Mode. This restriction ensures that security features can't be bypassed through debugging or other developer tools, adding an extra layer of protection for your communications.

Screenshot Notifications for Chats

Privacy is a key aspect of SecureCrypt, and the new Screenshot Notifications for Chats feature helps you stay informed. With this update, you can receive a notification if someone takes a screenshot during your conversations, allowing you to maintain control over your privacy. This feature can be enabled or disabled based on your preference, offering a custom level of security.

Wipeout Identities

Protecting user identity is crucial, and SecureCrypt's new Wipeout feature addresses this concern. If a user is removed or wiped out, their identity is completely erased from everywhere within the app, including other users' contacts and groups. This ensures that no traces are left behind, providing peace of mind for those who value anonymity.

SecureCrypt's Core Features and Infrastructure

SecureCrypt has built its reputation on providing robust security through a combination of innovative software and hardware features. The SecureCrypt platform uses proven 521-bit ECC to secure global voice and data communications, with end-to-end encryption and no server storage, ensuring that your data is never vulnerable to interception or unauthorized access.

SecureCrypt's hardware security includes tamper-proof components, secure boot processes, firmware validation, and enhanced kernel protections. The SecureCrypt app operates within an encrypted partition on an encrypted device, with no phone number required for registration, further enhancing privacy. The application offers a variety of security features, including encrypted chat, encrypted calls, encrypted group chat, encrypted vault, encrypted file transfer, encrypted camera, and a private self-hosted VPN.

To protect against physical threats, SecureCrypt devices come equipped with features like panic wipe, remote wipe, and duress password. These safeguards ensure that even if your device is lost, stolen, or you are under duress to reveal it’s contents, your data remains protected.

SecureCrypt's encryption specifications are top-of-the-line, with ECDH using ECC P-384 for key agreement, HMAC based on SHA521 for message authentication, and AES 256 in CFB Mode for symmetric encryption.

The SecureCrypt operating system environment employs various protection mechanisms, including a hardware-based root of trust, firmware integrity checks, boot loader verification, downgrade attack prevention, and address space layout randomization (ASLR) to prevent memory exploitation.

SecureCrypt's Cellular Network Protections for Unrivalled Security

In addition to all of our app based and device protections, SecureCrypt also goes a step beyond most secure communications providers by offering cellular network protections.

SecureCrypt operates a unique secured cellular core (SPLMN) located offshore in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction, giving us unparalleled control and security for our clients' mobile identities and communication channels. As your cellular network provider, we ensure your data is protected against threats commonly associated with major telecoms, providing a private and secure communication experience.

SecureCrypt’s cellular network protections are designed to safeguard your mobile communications from threats while ensuring privacy and security at every level. Our Subscriber Location Protection (Location Blocking) prevents unauthorized tracking of your physical location, keeping your movements private. Additionally, Subscriber Identity Protection protects your unique cellular identity from being compromised or intercepted, ensuring that your communications remain confidential.

To further strengthen your data security, SecureCrypt employs GSMA Security protocols, providing a robust layer of protection against unauthorized access and tampering. Our OTA (Over-the-Air) Encryption secures data transmitted over cellular networks, preventing eavesdropping and interception. We also utilize Mutual Authentication to ensure both ends of a communication link are securely validated before any data is transmitted, reinforcing trust and security.

Our use of Private APNs (Access Point Names) ensures that your data is routed securely within our network infrastructure, preventing exposure to public networks and reducing the risk of interception. SecureCrypt's SIM Jacker Protection guards against SIM card-based attacks, while our Tamper Proof SIMs are designed to prevent physical tampering, adding an extra layer of security to your mobile communications.


The latest update to SecureCrypt reinforces our commitment to providing the most secure and efficient communication experience. We are dedicated to continually improving our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users. Thank you for choosing SecureCrypt for your secure communication needs, and stay tuned for more updates that will further enhance your security and privacy.


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