3 month subscription, on our LOCAL plan, which covers Canada, US, and Europe This purchase comes with a Samsung Galaxy S6 using Samsung KNOX, with the SecureCrypt app, full access to all features including voice/video at no additional charge. Price is $800, pick up in the City of Toronto boundries only, or we can ship to you. 


Privacy conscious individuals and corporations are increasingly hesitant to trust Big Tech with their most valuable secrets and/or intellectual property, and this is where we step in to fill that gap.


All activities isolated within our custom made encrypted messaging app, inside of an encrypted partition on the phone, inside of a heavily modified, secured, encrypted, locked down operating system.


Communication happens on a military-grade private global network that only we control. Your encryption keys are created on your device, and only you, the user has access to them, nobody else has access to your encryption keys, not even us at SecureCrypt.


A new encryption key is generated for every single message sent between you and a contact, unlike other popular messaging apps, where a new encryption key is generated just for every conversation.


Encrypted IM/voice/video/file transfer/file storage


Auto Self-Destruct feature for messages that the sender sets the timing for. The messages self destruct from both your device, and the recipients device. This falls under our Zero Trust Philosophy.


remote wipe feature in case your phone falls into undesirable hands


GPS is disabled from within firmwarecamera disabled (if you don’t want video calls)


Can’t be intercepted via wiretap by state or non-state actors


Stingray 1&2 will not work on our devices


“Dirtbox” will not work on our devices


Immune to MiTM attacks.


We use highly sophisticated Cylance A.I. to ensure no malware or malicious code will reach your device.


available in Canada, United States, and over 200 countries globally.


Discreet payment options available, no personal info is required to sign up.


Please use the "Contact Us" section of our main website if you have any questions before purchase. Or reach our team by email at:



SecureCrypt App on Samsung KNOX