Protecting your sensitive and confidential information.

military grade, end-to-end encryption on an impenetrable private closed messaging network.

What is

SecureCrypt Encrypted Messenger was built with protecting your privacy as our passion and direction.  IM/voice/video/file transfer/storage.  All activities isolated within the app itself. The app is isolated inside an encrypted container within a locked down, secured and modified encrypted operating system.

Communication happens over the SecureCrypt private military-grade global network, using encrypted SIMs, with multiple VPN configurations. SecureCrypt servers are state of the art with encrypted HDD, located in multiple locations around the world. It works wherever you are.

All of our devices are tamper resistant against any form of physical compromise attempts including cold boot attacks, MiTM attacks, Stingray proof. Compatible with certain Android and Blackberry devices. Our devices are modified to have the GPS and any tracking services disabled from within the firmware.

Our secure Vault allows you to not only store sensitive files or documents, but to also send and receive files from those on your approved contact list only. We also have a seperate encrypted email client so SecureCrypt users can safely communicate with outside parties all while maintaining the most sophisticated levels of security and privacy.


 SecureCrypt is entering the market rapidly as consumers seek protection of their privacy using encryption.

SecureCrypt is a full-fledged mobile security solution ideal for those who want to protect their personal or business communications. Lawyers can communicate between partners and clients to send and receive sensitive documents, journalists can better protect themselves and their sources, and individuals can protect themselves against electronic interception, hackers, and cyber attacks. Enterprise can benefit by better protecting their trade secrets and their internal communication from corporate espionage, and theft of intellectual property, both of which are rising at alarming rates. Enterprise can also manage their internal team and maintain information integrity, as the application enables internals to communicate through a secured and encrypted channel with the assurance that their corporate and sensitive information transferred (whether it be messages, voice calls, files, photos, and recordings) are protected from interception, and any malicious attacks or spying attempts.

Key Features


Encrypted IM

The SecureCrypt encryption protocol combines the Axolotl algorithm, prekeys, and a Triple Diffie-Hellman (3XDH) handshake. It uses Curve25519, AES-256,  HMAC-SHA256 as primitives. New AES keys for every message. 

Voice/Video Calls

Encrypted voice and video calls, using our main protocol


Set a time limit and your conversations will self-destruct from both yours, and your recipients device.

Private Encryption Keys

Encryption keys are created by you the user on your device. Nobody has access to these keys, not even SecureCrypt.

Tamper resistant O/S & hardware

SecureCrypt locks down your operating system and hardware/firmware so ill intentioned actors cannot use cold-boot techniques and other techniques to bypass our encryption all together. Free chat apps do not provide this feature, and end-to-end encryption is not good enough to guarantee the safety and security of your teams communications. You need our secure locked down operating system.

Remote Wipe

Your entire device can be remotely wiped in case your device is lost, stolen, or falls into the wrong hands. Additionally, we can also remotely wipe just the SecureCrypt app from your device and restore it later on for individuals in high risk occupations. Your contacts stay intact. This feature is ideal for journalists, activists, or those in oppressive regimes. 

Encrypted Vault

Encrypted vault content. Send/share encrypted files, notes, pictures, and conversations with other SecureCrypt users.

Encrypted Contact List

Contact List is encrypted, password protected and all stored within our app. We don't use phone numbers as identifiers, only user PIN ID. No outside permissions or access is required. This isolates everything to our app, which sits on an encrypted partition on your phone.

Privacy assured

Our sophisticated private network is managed on multiple servers in countries that take users privacy seriously. In an age where corporations are selling your personal data in exchange for the free use of their software, with SecureCrypt you can rest assured our product is your privacy.

Private Global Network

Your most sensitive data will never be compromised by big business policy on our secured private global communication network. We are the only people you can trust with your most sensitive secrets. Our Zero Trust Approach guarantees your security, safety, and peace of mind. 

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