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Protecting your sensitive and confidential information.

Encrypted mobile communications on a private global network.

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What is


SecureCrypt is a mobile services provider that offers encrypted, private and secure communications on a locked-down/tamper-proof Android or iOS device.


SecureCrypt ensures all of your communications including calls, messages, group chats, photos, and documents are fully end-to-end encrypted. SecureCrypt uses advanced security features including device level hardening and enhanced memory protections, remote wipe, encrypted vault, duress passwords, stealth mode, & more.

SecureCrypt was engineered to give businesses, individuals, and organizations the ability to share information freely, securely, and privately.



Communicate safely with Private Encrypted Chat, Group Chat, Voice Calling, File Transfer, and File Storage. All file transfer types supported. 


Communication happens over the SecureCrypt private global network. We use highly secure and private APNs for a private & secure connection to any mobile network. Secure Global SIM included.

Network protections including cellular network protections with our Secure Global SIM.  GPS/Bluetooth/WiFi/NFC sensors being disabled gives our clients upmost privacy, which cannot be obtained using any free or paid app. Secured devices fill the gap that free apps leave wide open.


All of our devices are secure and tamper proof against any form of physical compromise attempts including: Sideload attacks, Stingray 1&2, Dirtbox, Pegasus malware, + more. GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, & NFC sensors disabled.


Our encrypted, & password protected Vault allows you to store + transfer sensitive files & documents, to and from those on your approved contact list only.




It is not safe for those in the security and defence sectors to discuss sensitive information via insecure mobile phones SecureCrypt protects our clients as our phones are locked down, use hardware tamper-proof security, all communications are fully-end-to-end encrypted, and immune to threats like Pegasus/Stingrays/IMSI Catchers.



Not every government or institution respects the freedom of the press, however we at SecureCrypt do. Attacks on the press are only rising and SecureCrypt is equipped to protect both journalists and their sources with our encrypted devices that cannot be tied to your real life identity. With our social climate increasingly hostile to the press, securing your exchanges is necessary. 

60% of all cyberattacks globally are carried out against mobile devices. Around 80% target mobile devices via apps. Mobile malware, root-kits, and other malicious software will not work on our network.




Executives of financial institutions should be concerned with the integrity of their internal team's communication. SecureCrypt secures your communications from any prying eyes or hostile actions from hackers, phishers, or malware.With our multiple layered  protection, rest assured both your customers information and your employee internal communications are protected with state-of-the-art 512-bit ECC encryption.



Corporate espionage, cyber theft and loss of intellectual property is on an upwards trajectory. IP can constitute more than 80% of a companies value today. Sensitive company information is exchanged via mobile daily yet little thought is given to the integrity of that communication. Cellular networks are full of vulnerabilities that make it easy for a skilled attacker to intercept your communications. SecureCrypt devices with network, SIM, operating system & application level protections assure you complete data integrity, both in transit and at rest.


Data breach statistics show that over 2.5 billion accounts are hacked in a year. Translating to roughly 6.85 million accounts getting hacked each day or 158 every second. Those with sensitive communication needs cannot afford these odds.

what is



 SecureCrypt is a market leader for secure encrypted communications.

Key Features

key features

Encrypted Chat

SecureCrypt uses 512-bit ECC encryption, which is equivalent to 15,360-bit RSA. New ECC keys for every message, not just every conversation. Secure Global SIM protects the cellular network from cellular threats and attacks.

Encrypted Voice Calling

Make unlimited encrypted voice calls, which are immune to Man-in-the-Middle attacks, eavesdropping and interception of any kind. Our Secure Global SIMs protect against SS7 attacks, IMSI Catchers, DRTBox, Location Tracking + more.

Self-Destructing Messages

Self-Destructing Messages allows the sender of a message to set a timer, and have the sent message self destruct from both the senders device, and the recipients device.

Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode is an enhanced feature which once enabled, quickly removes any trace of our communications app. The user can restore at a later time once safe to do so. Perfect for those in sensitive industry, or those in hostile countries.

Tamper Proof Hardware

SecureCrypt locks down your operating system and hardware/firmware so attempts to bypass our encryption all together will not work. Free chat apps (Signal, Telegram, etc.) do not offer this and end-to-end encryption is not good enough to protect your communications. Sideloading malicious apps will not work. If someone tries your password more than 5 times, all data on your device is wiped. Tamper-Proof Hardware including Secure Boot, Enhanced Memory Protections, Brute Force Protections, Full Disk Encryption + more ensures your device remains non-rooted, non Jailbroken, and secure against physical threats like Cellebrite and Pegasus.

Remote Wipe

Your entire device can be remotely wiped in case your device is lost, or stolen, 24/7 365 with our live technical support. The wiped data is then written over with zero's to prevent data recovery.

Live Technical Support

At SecureCrypt you can always rest assured that we will be there for you for any question, or any issue you may ever have. Live Technical Support, 24/7, 365. Our focus is you, your privacy and your user experience.

User Privacy

SecureCrypt uses a randomly generated alpha-numeric 512-bit ECC ID that has no association with the mobile device that it sits on. Our Contact List is encrypted, and native to the SecureCrypt application. This isolates everything to our application, which is housed in an encrypted container on your mobile device. No Location Permission is required or asked for by SecureCrypt.

Duress Passcode

Set a Duress Passcode along with a Regular Passcode. If the Duress Passcode is entered instead of the Regular Passcode to unlock the app, all data is immediately wiped from your mobile device including all app data.

Panic Wipe

In the event of a sudden emergency, you can simply press a button from within our app, and all data is completely wiped from your mobile device, including all app data. 

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