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  • Do you support both Android and iOS
    Yes! SecureCrypt is proud to be the first provider in the secure communications space to offer both Android and iOS versions of our mobile encrypted communications solution.
  • Where can I buy SecureCrypt?
    SecureCrypt is available through our global partner network. Contact us today, and we’ll put you in touch with the closest SecureCrypt Partner for you. All of our trusted Global Partners have many years of industry experience, and we carefully verify our sellers to keep our clients safe. You can choose to purchase either a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription to test out SecureCrypt and choose subscription terms best suited for your needs. You can also purchase online at any of our Global Partner’s e-commerce sites. Please contact one of our Global Partners near you for purchasing inquiries. Columbia: Encriptados - Global Partner / Online Retailer (Columbia) Toronto: Link It Up - Canadian Global Partner Threema ID: JKUJMWN3 Montreal: Monkey Electronique - Canadian Global Partner / Online Retailer Norway: MD Security - Scandinavian Global Partner Mexico: Quantum Connect - Mexican Global Partner Amsterdam: Global Privacy - Global Partner / Online Retailer
  • What is SecureCrypt?
    SecureCrypt is a secure communications (voice + data) provider. We provide a secure, encrypted phone which is locked down and protected against both physical and remote intrusion attacks, and any eavesdropping attempts. Blackberry UEM secures your device, and our private, custom engineered encrypted chat/voice application secures your communications. SecureCrypt is a privately distributed application, we have no connection to Google Play or the App Store. We use our own secure store which sits on our own private network. SecureCrypt provides both Android and iOS versions our our encrypted communications solution.
  • How can I reach SecureCrypt support?
    For technical assistance, please contact the reseller you purchased from. If you cannot find an answer to your question in the FAQs, please contact us at For all other inquiries, please start with filling out our Contact form on our website at An agent will respond shortly.
  • Where is SecureCrypt located?
    SecureCrypt is located in Canada. Our infrastructure is housed within our own secure data center in a secure facility monitored and staffed 24/7 365. Strong Canadian laws place privacy and human rights at the cornerstone of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Can I use SecureCrypt with my own SIM card?
    Yes. You can purchase your own SIM card, or you can use our SIM card.
  • How is the battery life with SecureCrypt devices?
    Our battery life is the best in the industry, our application was engineered from the ground up, and battery life was taken into account. Typically a charge will last you 1-3 days depending on use.
  • Who are SecureCrypt clients?
    Our clients are privacy minded consumers, private industry, and enterprise alike. We have clients from many different industries globally including private banking, investment, High Net-Worth Individuals, media personalities, influencers, those in the financial, pharmaceutical, technology, private security industries, and more. Data breach disclosure laws are becoming more commonplace globally, and hackers often attack small to medium sized business as they are usually not staffed with an extensive IT department. SecureCrypt encrypted phones powered by Blackberry can ensure your personal mobile communications will always be protected, and kept to yourself.
  • Why isn't SecureCrypt free?
    SecureCrypt is developed and maintained by our team of in-house engineers and software developers and offers multi-layer encryption, security features which cannot be found on any free app, unparalleled security, and luxurious design. Our developers and engineers are constantly innovating and creating new user-friendly features while ensuring the maintenance of our private server infrastructure. As such, the price covers these costs. Most free apps sell your personal data to third parties. If you don’t pay for a service, you end up paying with your data instead. SecureCrypt is designed to ensure your privacy, only storing your username, activation date, and expiration date. We are in the security and privacy business only, we do not collect data as this is what our clients expect from us, and this does not align with our pro-privacy views.
  • Can SecureCrypt see any of my messages/calls/communications?
    No. SecureCrypt users generate their own encryption keys (512-bit ECC) on their device, and these keys do not leave the device. SecureCrypt has built our system around a zero-trust framework which ensures only your intended recipient receives your message/calls/requests. Nobody can browse for your private ID, it must be known to them, unlike many free encrypted chat/voice apps. The only data we can see is your ECC ID, and the date/time you originally signed up.
  • Can SecureCrypt decrypt my messages, for example if required by law enforcement?
    No. Encryption keys used to decrypt messages are stored only on the users' device. We have no access to a users’ device making decrypting any data impossible. Furthermore, we are not a telecommunications company and are not bound by telecommunications requirements.
  • How do I get SecureCrypt app updates?
    SecureCrypt uses our own private app store for all of our distribution and updates. We are not affiliated with Google Play, or the App Store, and work off of a closed, private system. You will be notified that an update is forthcoming, and updates take only a moment to complete.
  • Does SecureCrypt use server storage?
    No. SecureCrypt does not use server storage for anything whatsoever. All communications are relayed only fully end-to-end encrypted to the intended recipient. We do not store any data, or metadata. All data including metadata is fully end-to-end encrypted both at-rest and in-transit. If you lose your device, or forget your password your device will require a remote wipe, and nothing can be retrieved. We do not use backups of any kind as this would mean your data would be sitting on a server somewhere. For true privacy, a provider cannot offer backups without leaving a potential avenue for compromise.
  • What security features does SecureCrypt have?
    SecureCrypt provides encrypted phones for protection against any form of interception, surveillance, malware, or hacking attempts. Your communications will be immune to electronic eavesdropping of any kind. Secure SIMs prevent location tracking. Feature List Encrypted Chat Encrypted Calls Encrypted Group Chat Encrypted Conference Calling Encrypted Vault Encrypted File Transfer Encrypted Camera VPN Self-Destructing Messages Duress Password Stealth Mode Panic Wipe Remote Wipe Global SecureSIM Global Anti-Surveillance SIM (optional upgrade) Hardware Security: Triple Layer Encryption Brute Force Protections Tamper-Proof Hardware Root of Trust Firmware Validation Secure Boot Enhanced Kernel Reinforcement & Protections Enhanced Memory Protections Full Disk Encryption No phone number or sign up info is required No email address necessary for registration/activation WiFi/GPS/Bluetooth/NFC sensors disabled Password Brute-Force/Auto wipe protections USB port disabled for file transfer, enabled only for charging Network connections secured with 4096-bit SSL App housed with encrypted partition on device
  • Why can’t I recall/unsend a message?
    Recall/unsend can only happen if messages are stored on a server. We do not store messages on our servers therefore we cannot offer this feature. Any service that allows recall/unsend options are storing your messages. Any unsend feature means your messages are stored somewhere, which defeats the purpose of our higher standard of privacy.
  • How can I become a SecureCrypt Global Partner?
    We’re always looking for experienced partners to join our growing community of SecureCrypt Global Partners, Distributors and Retailers worldwide. Please visit our Partner page to learn more, and fill out our Partner Request Form to join our team of successful partners. Please contact one of our Global Partners near you for purchase. Columbia: Encriptados - Global Partner / Online Retailer (Columbia) Toronto: Link It Up - Canadian Global Partner Threema ID: JKUJMWN3 Email: Montreal: Monkey Electronique - Canadian Global Partner / Online Retailer Norway: MD Security - Scandinavian Global Partner Mexico: Quantum Connect - Mexican Global Partner Amsterdam: Global Privacy - Global Partner / Online Retailer
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