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Pegasus Spyware Attacks On Jordanian Journalists and Lawyers

In Jordan, journalists, lawyers, and human-rights activists have increasingly been targeted by state-sponsored surveillance using Pegasus spyware, according to a report by Access Now.

The investigation revealed that 16 journalists, 8 human-rights lawyers, and 11 members of human-rights groups and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were surveilled over the past four years, with attacks beginning in 2019.

SecureCrypt powered devices, prevents Pegasus attacks by using encrypted devices with sophisticated high grade end-to-end-encryption, alongside device hardening, with such features as:

Triple Layer Encryption

Brute Force Protections

Tamper-Proof Hardware

Root of Trust

Firmware Validation 

Secure Boot

Enhanced Kernel Reinforcement & Protections

Enhanced Memory Protections

Full Disk Encryption

SecureCrypt disables SMS entirely, along with GPS and other location based sensors, doesn't require a phone number or email address for signup, doesn't request any external or Location permissions, sits inside of an encrypted partition on an encrypted device, and operates on a private network using cellular network protection alongside sophisticated device hardening. Our cellular network protections include:

Subscriber Location Protection (Location Blocking)

Subscriber Identity Protection

GSMA Security

OTA Encryption

Mutual Authentication

Private APNs

SIM Jacker Protection 

Tamper Proof SIMs

Private VPN

The use of spyware such as Pegasus by the NSO Group has been criticized for violating privacy rights and intimidating individuals from their work in defending human rights and freedom of expression.

SecureCrypt on the other hand, is a member of the Global Encryption Coalition, and fierce supporter of privacy. Our service is designed to secure our clients communication at all times, with data both at-rest and in-transit.

The key difference with using an encrypted, and hardened device is that it goes above and beyond to shield your entire device from hardware, memory, and cellular based attacks. Free apps do not provide this.

The Jordanian government's recent cybercrime law amendments in 2023 have been condemned for their vagueness and potential for misuse, particularly against speech considered to undermine national unity or display contempt for religion. These legal changes, alongside the use of surveillance software, have raised concerns among international human rights organizations , non-governmental organizations, and the United Nations, according to reports.

The NSO Group's Pegasus spyware, known for its capacity to infiltrate devices through zero-click exploits, has not only been utilized in Jordan but also detected in cases involving journalists and activists worldwide. The software's deployment against individuals without due process has been criticized for bypassing traditional protections afforded to journalists and lawyers.

The situation underscores the ongoing challenge to fight legislative reforms to protect against unwarranted surveillance.

SecureCrypt was built with client privacy as the foundation of everything we do, and are proud to bring our mobile security services to enterprise, journalists, activists, non-governmental organizations, and others in fields where secure communications is a necessity.

Please contact one of our resellers or distributors closest to you today to secure your communications.

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