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SecureCrypt Now On GrapheneOS

SecureCrypt and GrapheneOS: Elevating Security to New Heights

SecureCrypt is thrilled to announce the expansion of our highly secure encrypted communications app, now available for all GrapheneOS-enabled phones. As the first commercially available encrypted communications application with such advanced features, SecureCrypt elevates the security standard, ensuring unparalleled protection for personal and professional communications.

The Power of GrapheneOS

GrapheneOS is renowned for its focus on security and privacy. Built on the foundation of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), it enhances the operating system with robust security features and privacy protections. Developed as a non-profit open-source project, GrapheneOS significantly improves upon AOSP with substantial advancements in sandboxing, exploit mitigations, and the permission model however, until now, it lacked a dedicated encrypted messaging app to match its high-security standards. Enter SecureCrypt.

Why SecureCrypt is the Perfect Fit for GrapheneOS

GrapheneOS users seek the highest level of security, and SecureCrypt delivers just that. Our app integrates seamlessly with GrapheneOS, adding an extra layer of protection with features designed to safeguard your data against even the most sophisticated threats. Here’s how SecureCrypt complements the security features of GrapheneOS:

1.High-Grade Encryption:

SecureCrypt uses 521-bit ECC encryption, surpassing the security provided by mainstream encrypted apps like Telegram and Signal. This ensures that all communications remain private and inaccessible to anyone but the user.

2. Duress Password:

In situations where users are forced to unlock their devices, the duress password feature triggers a panic response, wiping the app without alerting the intruder.

3. Encrypted Vault:

Securely store sensitive information in our encrypted vault, ensuring that even if your device is compromised, your critical data remains protected.

4. Encrypted Camera and File Transfer:

Capture encrypted photos and videos, and transfer files with full encryption, guaranteeing that your media and documents are safe from interception.

5. Anonymous Group Chats:

SecureCrypt enables anonymous group communications, maintaining the privacy of all participants' in-app identities.

6. Stealth Mode and Panic Wipe:

These features ensure that the app can remain hidden and data can be quickly erased in emergencies, adding to the physical security of the device.

7. Remote Wipe and Compromise Detection:

SecureCrypt can be remotely wiped if the device is lost or stolen. The first app of it's kind on GrapheneOS. Additionally, if any compromise is detected, the app will not open, preventing unauthorized access.

8. No Location Permissions:

Unlike other apps, SecureCrypt does not request or use location permissions, ensuring that your movements remain private.

9. Internet Connection Requirement:

This prevents the use of Faraday Bags to block remote wipe commands, ensuring continuous protection.

10. Cable Plug Detection:

If any cable is plugged into the device, the app will disable its functionality, thwarting mobile forensic tools.

11. Developer Mode Restrictions:

The app will not function if Developer Mode is enabled, preventing the use of mobile forensic tools.

Operational Efficiency in Low Reception Areas

SecureCrypt is designed to maintain robust security and functionality even in areas of low reception. Leveraging lightweight encryption algorithms and efficient data handling techniques, it ensures that essential security features operate seamlessly without heavy reliance on network connectivity.

Real-Life Applications of GrapheneOS and SecureCrypt

GrapheneOS is ideal for individuals and organizations that prioritize security and privacy. This includes journalists who need to protect their sources, activists working in hostile environments, business professionals handling sensitive corporate data, and government officials requiring secure communication channels. With GrapheneOS’s enhanced security features such as robust sandboxing, exploit mitigations, and a hardened app runtime, these users can ensure their devices are safeguarded against various threats.

SecureCrypt complements the choice of a GrapheneOS phone by offering end-to-end encryption for all communications, making it a vital tool for these high-risk users. For instance, journalists can securely communicate with sources without fear of interception. Activists can organize and discuss sensitive matters anonymously and securely. Business professionals can protect trade secrets and confidential information. Government officials can communicate securely without risking leaks. The seamless integration of SecureCrypt with GrapheneOS ensures that the highest standards of privacy and security are maintained, making it an indispensable solution for those who cannot afford to compromise on security.

Additionally, using a paid app like SecureCrypt enhances privacy compared to free alternatives. Free apps often rely on data collection and advertising to generate revenue, potentially compromising user privacy. Paid apps, on the other hand, generate income directly from users, eliminating the need to monetize personal data. This business model aligns best with privacy-focused users, ensuring that their data is not exploited for profit. SecureCrypt’s commitment to not collecting user data reinforces this trust, providing users with peace of mind that their communications remain confidential.


The release of SecureCrypt on GrapheneOS marks a significant milestone in the realm of mobile security. By combining the robust security features of GrapheneOS with SecureCrypt’s advanced encryption and unique security capabilities, users can enjoy unmatched protection for their communications. Whether for personal or professional use, SecureCrypt on GrapheneOS sets a new standard for secure mobile communications.

Explore the next level of security with SecureCrypt on Graphene OS. Visit to learn more and download the app today.


SecureCrypt is dedicated to providing the highest level of security for your communications. Our commitment to continuous innovation ensures that you remain protected against the evolving threats of the digital world.


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