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A Win for Privacy: Canada's Online Harms Bill and SecureCrypt's Commitment to Encrypted Messaging

Exciting news from the forefront of privacy and online security—Canada's groundbreaking Online Harms Bill has set a new standard for the protection of strong encryption, marking a pivotal moment in the secure communications industry.

A Victory for Privacy Advocacy

Introduced to Parliament on February 26th, the Online Harms Bill represents a significant triumph for the protection of encrypted communications in Canada. The bill, a vast improvement from its 2021 version, notably excludes private messaging services, both those utilizing end-to-end encryption (e2ee) and those that do not.

Furthermore, the Canadian Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Arif Virani, specifically defended the decision to put private messaging outside the scope of the legislation.

During the press briefing* (at the 27 min. mark), the Minister was asked a question about why private messaging services were excluded given that harmful content they are trying to reduce, like CSAM, is shared over these channels.

The Minister responded:

“What we heard loudly and clearly, specifically in the context of the British debate that related to encrypted communications, is that they wanted to pierce that type of communication and address even that through their Online Safety Bill. They received a lot of negative feedback about the specific challenge that could have for freedom of expression. [...] We have reflected on that, on the critical importance of enhancing freedom of expression and promoting freedom of expression. Ensuring that we calibrate this. We are doing this now in a very measured and appropriate manner that addresses the harms as we see them, but ensures that Canadian's private communications will be exempt from this legislation."

With Justice Minister Virani’s comments, it’s clear that a major reason why Canada decided to protect encryption in their Online Harms Bill was because of all the advocacy that groups like the Global Encryption Coalition have done around the world in defence of encryption.

SecureCrypt is a proud member of the Global Encryption Coalition and we have worked on advocacy campaigns aimed at excluding private messaging from any government legislation aimed at limiting free speech. We have achieved this with this victory in our home country of Canada. 

Whether it's fighting anti-encryption legislation in the EU, the UK, or anywhere else, our hard work has an impact. Even when the UK passed their Online Safety Bill last year, we fought it hard enough that the Canadian government decided not to follow in the UK’s path.

This development is a testament to the diligent efforts of the global encryption community, and SecureCrypt is proud to be part of this advocacy along with our fellow Global Encryption Coalition members, whose tireless advocacy has been recognized with this achievement.

Our commitment to delivering innovative technologies aligns seamlessly with the broader mission to safeguard sensitive information and uphold the principles of privacy.

SecureCrypt: Your Trusted Partner in Private Encrypted Messaging

As a Canadian company at the forefront of secure communication solutions, SecureCrypt stands as your premier choice for organizations serious about the privacy of their communications. With Canada's Online Harms Bill setting a global precedent, Canadian companies are uniquely positioned to offer private encrypted services that prioritize both security and freedom of expression.

Why Choose SecureCrypt?

At SecureCrypt, we stand for the privacy and security of our clients, it is our reason for existing. SecureCrypt has been an advocate in the field of privacy since its inception. Our commitment is not just to cutting-edge technology but also to the principles of integrity and trust. We understand the significance of secure communication in today's digital age, and our mission is rooted in delivering services that:

  • Safeguard Sensitive Information: Our encryption protocols ensure that your confidential data remains protected from unauthorized access.

  • Promote Free Exchange of Ideas: We champion open communication while maintaining the highest standards of privacy, empowering organizations to collaborate without compromising security.

Empowering Your Communication with SecureCrypt

In a world where privacy is paramount, SecureCrypt remains steadfast in its dedication to providing state-of-the-art encrypted messaging services. Our mission statement encapsulates our commitment to innovation, security, and the free exchange of ideas.

"SecureCrypt is committed to delivering innovative technologies and services that safeguard sensitive information and promote the free exchange of ideas, while upholding the highest standards of integrity and trust."

As the digital landscape evolves, SecureCrypt continues to lead the way in secure communication. Choose SecureCrypt and experience the next level of privacy in your communications.


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