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Secure Global SIM

Updated: May 17

Empowering Secure Mobile Communications with SecureCrypt Secure Global eSIM & SIM Cards

In today's digital age, safeguarding mobile communications is paramount. SecureCrypt, a leading provider of encrypted mobile communication solutions, has been at the forefront of ensuring privacy and security since 2018. With our own secured cellular core (SPLMN) located offshore in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction, we offer unparalleled protection for our clients' mobile identities and communication channels. This makes SecureCrypt your cellular network provider, instead of one of the major telecoms.

Let's explore how SecureCrypt's Secure Global SIM cards provide comprehensive security features, ensuring our clients can communicate with confidence and peace of mind.

Private Mobile Network Infrastructure

At SecureCrypt, we've invested in establishing our own private mobile network infrastructure. a secure cellular core. This secure cellular core includes core components such as the Home Location Register (HLR), Authentication Center (AuC), and Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN).

By owning and controlling our network infrastructure, we have full autonomy over security measures, allowing us to implement custom protocols tailored to our clients' needs. This level of control ensures robust protection against security threats and unauthorized access.

Secure Private Local Mobile Network (SPLMN)

Operating under a Special Private Local Mobile Network (SPLMN) designation, SecureCrypt maintains exclusive control over network resources. This designation empowers us to enforce stringent security measures and customize network functionalities to provide maximum protection for our clients' data and identities. By operating independently from public mobile networks, we ensure a higher level of security and privacy for our users.

Identity Protection

With our secured cellular core, SecureCrypt implements advanced authentication and encryption mechanisms to safeguard users' identities. Our Authentication Center (AuC) securely manages encryption keys and authentication parameters, ensuring that only authorized SIM cards can access our network. Additionally, we enforce strict access controls and identity verification procedures to prevent unauthorized access and protect users' mobile identities from exploitation.

Custom Security Protocols and Practices

As a private entity, SecureCrypt has the flexibility to develop and implement custom security protocols tailored to our specific security requirements. This includes advanced intrusion detection and prevention systems, among other stringent network security measures. By continuously innovating and adapting to emerging threats, we mitigate potential security risks and ensure the integrity of our network infrastructure.

Data Privacy and Sovereignty

We have located our SPLMN in a country which respects mobile data privacy of users first and foremost. Operating in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction offers significant advantages in terms of data privacy and sovereignty. SecureCrypt adheres to stringent regulatory frameworks, enabling us to implement robust data protection measures. This ensures enhanced privacy and security for our mobile users, safeguarding their sensitive information.

Secure Communication and Network Integrity

Our secured cellular core enables end-to-end encryption of communication between mobile devices and our network, guaranteeing data integrity and confidentiality. Additionally, we employ robust network monitoring and management tools to detect and respond to security threats in real-time, ensuring the integrity and reliability of our network infrastructure. By prioritizing secure communication and network integrity, SecureCrypt delivers a trusted and reliable mobile service for our clients.

Secure Global SIM Features

SecureCrypt's Secure Global SIM cards offer a comprehensive suite of security features to protect our clients' mobile communications:

* Subscriber Location Protection (Location Blocking): Blocks any location tracking requests on the SS7/network/cellular level, ensuring users' locations remain confidential and inaccessible to attackers. Blocks any MAP request sent to retrieve location information by default. No intervention from SecureCrypt or the user is necessary.

* Subscriber Identity Protection: Detects and blocks MAP operations used by SS7 attackers to fetch subscribers' IMSI, safeguarding users' identities from exploitation.

* GSMA Security Compliance: Fully implements filtering and blocking of GSMA MAP messages, ensuring adherence to industry standards for enhanced security.

* OTA Encryption: Sends OTA messages to subscribers' SIMs with 256-bit AES encryption keys, preventing interception or manipulation of messages.

* Mutual Authentication: Enables mutual authentication between mobile devices and the core network, protecting users against potential Cell Site Simulators (CSS) attacks. When a mobile device is powered on or tries to connect to a mobile network, the SIM card initiates an authentication process. The SIM card provides the IMSI and other authentication parameters to our mobile network. The mobile network authenticates the SIM card's credentials using encryption algorithms.

* Secure Connectivity: Establishes encrypted connections between the mobile core network using VPN, MPLS, and advanced encryption onboard SIM cards, ensuring data remains secure and confidential. Data transmitted between the device and the network is encrypted, ensuring privacy and preventing any interception.

* SIMJacker Protection: Protects against SIMJacker attacks by removing vulnerable SIM toolkit applications and enhancing security monitoring to block non-legitimate OTA messages.

* Tamper-Proof SIMs: Complies with GSMA and GlobalPlatform standards for securing SIMs using tamper-proof chips, ensuring the integrity and security of SIM cards.

* Private APNs: Provides private, secure APNs that are not accessible to the public, reducing the attack surface from SS7 attacks/attackers and ensuring traffic isolation and secure connections to private networks.

Network diagram:

This network diagram visually shows how our secure SIM is first initialized and secured with our secure cellular core. Once first activated, and once the secure configuration and secure profiles are sent to the SIM, it is then authenticated, and ready for use.

In summary, SecureCrypt's Secure Global SIM cards offer unparalleled security measures, including identity protection, custom security protocols, data privacy, and network integrity. Leveraging our own secured cellular core and SPLMN designation, we provide our clients with a secure and reliable mobile service, ensuring their communications and identities on the mobile network are protected. At SecureCrypt, we're dedicated to advancing mobile security and creating a safer digital future for all.

Please contact our support staff or your reseller for more information.


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