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SecureCrypt Location Tracking Protection, IMSI Catcher Protection

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Default Location Tracking blocking from any global telecom, Always On and Live IMSI Catcher/Stingray Detection & Avoidance System + Malware/Trojan protection, APN Redirection Attack & DNS Manipulation Attack Protection, Live Mobile Threat Monitoring.

SecureCrypt Cellular Network Protection SIMs

SecureCrypt is excited to announce our industry-first Cellular Network Protection SIMs that includes Location Tracking Blocking, IMSI Catcher/Stingray Detection & Avoidance, DNS Manipulation Attack Protections, APN Redirection Attack Protections, Live Mobile Threat Monitoring and Personal Notifications, and much more. Government and enterprise clients can have peace of mind knowing SecureCrypt SOC Analysts are always there, ready to notify our clients when a live threat or attack of any kind is attempted on their mobile phones.

For many years those who require secure communications have had to depend largely on device based, and application-based security such as end-to-end encryption, and hardware-based protections to guard their privacy. We change all of this with SecureCrypt Cellular Network Protection SIMs.

Other secure mobile providers have mistakenly overlooked network based protections. This is dangerous as telecoms and malicious state or non-state actors can easily track your location even with a secure phone. SecureCrypt can now prevent any global telecom from tracking your location on the cellular network.

Our phones come with multiple IMSIs, IMEIs, and Mobile Network Identities (PLMNs). With multiple cellular network identities, and the ability to swap out serial numbers on the cellular network, your phone can always be spoofed to appear as a different phone if an attack is ever attempted.

Location Tracking Requests Blocked

Location Tracking requests from any global telecom provider in over 170+ countries are blocked by default. Location-spoofing is an additional but available feature. An industry first that nobody else can offer.

Default blocking of any Location Request made by global telecom providers such as AT&T, Verizon, Bell, Rogers, etc. make location tracking impossible. This combined with SecureCrypt’s IMSI Catcher Protections make SecureCrypt the only secure communications provider offering cellular network protections.

DNS Attack, APN Attack, & Malware Injection Attack Protections

SecureCrypt Cellular Network Protection SIMs also protects against DNS Manipulation Attacks, APN Protection Attacks, Denial of Service Attacks, Mobile Impersonation Attacks, Malware/Trojan Injection Attacks and more. For the in-demand customer, we can offer per device DNS Cache and Data Firewall Rules. We can also offer personal notifications when any Location Tracking request or attack attempt has been made on your phone.

SecureCrypt also offers Kernel Hardening, and firmware/hardware-based protections like disabling of sensitive sensors used for tracking such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC sensors, however this combined with SecureCrypt Cellular Network Protection SIMs offers best-in-class protection for anyone who seeks to secure their sensitive communications.

Anyone who is employed in sensitive industry or otherwise has a need to secure their mobile communications will find our SecureCrypt Cellular Network Protection SIMs a step up from any other provider in the secure communications industry. With nation-state level espionage, telecom complicity, and spying by foreign governments over a weak and outdated international telecommunications infrastructure, it has never been more imperative to approach communications privacy from a position of high security, 360-degree defence.

Our previous blog post discusses how anyone willing to shell out as little as $10 can obtain yours or your loved one’s exact location from an unregulated data location broker. This puts anyone with a cell phone at risk. SecureCrypt eliminates this risk, and is the first ever secure communications provider to do so.

IMSI Catcher Detection & Avoidance System

SecureCrypt's live and dynamic IMSI Catcher Detection & Avoidance System works seamlessly in the background to be always-on. If any IMSI Catcher is detected, your phone will automatically and momentarily disconnect from the cellular network, assign itself a new and clean IMSI, IMEI, and PLMN and reconnect to the cellular network appearing to be a new, and different phone. SecureCrypt phones come with multiple IMSIs, multiple IMEIs, and Multiple Mobile Network Identities (PLMNs), for the ultimate cellular based protection.

A previous blog post goes in-depth into the threat of IMSI Catchers, and explains that recently IMSI Catchers have been found outside of international embassies globally, placed by malicious foreign intelligence actors and criminal organizations.

High Level Security For Those Employed In Sensitive Industry

If you are an embassy, Consul, or any entity operating both domestically or internationally in foreign territory, our enhanced privacy phones can stop any hostile foreign government, malicious actor, or state-sponsored threat from tracking your assets on the ground, keeping them safe. Not every country respects democracy and freedoms, however at SecureCrypt we go to great lengths to protect our clients privacy and freedoms.

Our highly trained SOC Analysts are actively monitoring and proactively managing any live threats to our clients. With our live and always-on threat management system, our SOC Analysts receive live second-by-second threat reports as they occur. If there are any Location Tracking attempts, IMSI Catcher/Stingray Attacks, Man-in-The-Middle Attacks, DNS Manipulation Attacks, APN Redirection Attacks, Denial of Service Attacks, or Malware/Trojan Injection Attacks of any kind attempted against our clients phones, SecureCrypt Cellular Network Protection SIMs immediately stops any attack, dead in its tracks. There is no intervention required.

In trusting your sensitive communications with SecureCrypt you benefit with peace of mind knowing our global infrastructure was engineered to be a Zero-Trust ecosystem, as our C-Level Executive Team are all extreme privacy advocates, and believe in the individual right to privacy and protection before all else. Nobody can access your data, including us at SecureCrypt.

With No Server Storage of any kind, and all encryption keys created on device by the user, SecureCrypt was built so that nobody has access to your private information, not even us as a provider. Zero-Trust is at the core of our belief system, and this will never change. We use quantum resistant, intelligence agency grade 512-bit ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) to assure our clients privacy.

We have seen the erosion of privacy and are determined to restore faith in those who understand how scarce true privacy is, especially when it comes to mobile communications.

SecureCrypt was designed for lawyers, activists, journalists, finance, NGOs, celebrities, security contractors, privacy enthusiasts, and anyone seeking true mobile privacy. With our device level, hardware/firmware level, application level, and network level protections, our 360-degree, complete suite of privacy-based protections will suit anyone seeking a higher level of security. Our hardware-based protections make SecureCrypt FIPS 140-2 compliant.

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